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Jun 08, 2023

This assignment is a written analysis of personal and professional principles likely to enhance or injure direct practice. You are being asked to independently read Dan Millman’s book, The Laws of Spirit. (I have provided a PDF file for the book. It has the entire book in PDF version.


Book Analysis Guidelines
For this assignment you are required to conduct a book analysis using the following guidelines:
Identify, discuss, and analyze (compare and contrast) at least three
major themes (i.e., a recurrent perception / view / idea / assumption /
insight or set of perspectives observed through the analysis of
particular information/content) generated through the reading of
Millman’s book.
How does Millman’s position or themes relate to social work’s
mission, ethics, and practices within the contexts of diverse
populations and circumstances? How does it differ? (Note: compare and
contrast Millman’s position / themes with social work’s mission / ethics
/ services).
How would the content / laws introduced by Millman be useful or
harmful when addressing the following ethical dilemma (i.e., a situation
where two or more professionally values are in conflict)?

Ethical Dilemma
For two months, you have been working with Mr. Chopra, a client
diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of six months or
less. While you are both from different cultures / countries (Mr.
Chopra is from India and practices Hinduism), you have developed good
rapport and trust. During one of the sessions, Mr. Chopra indicates that
he would like to have a “conscious” death (i.e., he has decided to end
his life consciously). He asks you to help him or to refer him to
someone that could assist him. Although painful, Mr. Chopra’s family
members (i.e., wife, and two children, Krishna, 29 years old, and Radha,
27) support his decision. Your religious conviction, however, perceives
Mr. Chopra’s desire as a sin. You perceive his decision as an act of
Discuss and analyze at least three of Millman’s “laws” that were
most meaningful to you. Are these laws reflections of your current
personal-professional growth? How useful may these laws be for your
on-going personal-professional development? Be specific. Provide
concrete examples as needed.
What would you add to or take out from the “laws” presented by Millman? Provide a rationale.

This is a paper, not a brief answer exam. It requires for you to be
clear, organized, and comprehensive in your discussion. This is a book
analysis, not a book review. Your in-depth assessment, exploration, and
interpretation-analysis of the content are vital.
The book analysis needs to begin with an introduction aimed at
informing the reader about the purpose of your document, general areas
that will be addressed, and ways that the content is being organized.
Book analysis must be typed and double-spaced and should not exceed 10 pages. APA format is required. Use the main idea generated by each of the questions to construct headings for organizing your content. Please schedule an appointment with me if you need individualized guidance beyond the discussions in class.

The Paper needs to follow the outline below:
An introduction (i.e., the introduction acquaints
the audience with the topic, thesis, and way that the content is going
to be organized. Its purpose is to get the audience’s attention and make
the audience interested in the content that will be delivered;
A body (i.e., diverse sections divided and
addressing specific themes / central ideas related to the overall thesis
of the presentation. Each theme / central idea has the purpose of
developing and strengthening the overall thesis presented in the initial
introduction. While each theme / central idea stands alone, concepts /
information presented through each section is connected through smooth
transitional words).
A conclusion (i.e., this is the point when the
written document comes into a satisfying closure. Be reflective and
thoughtful while avoiding lengthy – excessive summaries. This is your
opportunity for an overarching statement based on the content that you
have explored as well as final thoughts).
References: The 3 references are:
-the book

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