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Jun 02, 2023


Answer the below questions:

QUESTION 1: Develop RQ, RO, Hypothesis, and Framework.

QUESTION 2: Data screening and data coding in Excel and then SPSS based on the questionnaire given

QUESTION 3: Compute the variable of TD and EP based on their items. then from now until the end of the questions only use TD and EP as variables of this assignment.

QUESTION 4: Describe what is descriptive analysis, what is the difference between mean, median, and SD in your findings? Run a descriptive / frequency analysis on all the variables in the dataset and interpret the findings.

QUESTION 5: Describe what is a test of difference (T-TEST) is, and then conduct a t-test for the nominal variable on IV and DV variables and interpret the findings.

QUESTION 6: Conduct a test of difference (ANOVA) for all categorical variable on IV and DV variables and interpret the findings. Add posthoc test when it is needed.

QUESTION 7:  Define reliability, and conduct reliability assessment (Cronbach’s alpha) for variables and interpret the findings, does any variable requires item removal? If yes, why?

QUESTION 8: Define correlation, and conduct a correlation analysis and interpret the findings.

QUESTION 9: Conduct a regression analysis between IV and DV and interpret the findings (e.g., R-square, p-value). Then if the results are significant, propose your research model.

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