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May 11, 2023

About this Assignment
Data mining is used by everyone who wants to learn more about their customers or members. It helps people make decisions about what to sell or what to promote. This assignment is to write a program using machine learning that will try to determine the political leaning of the user based on a survey.


You will be tasked to write this program in either C++ or Java, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

The goal is for the program to be able to guess the user’s political party before they reach the end of the survey. This will require your program to gather a substantial amount of data before it can make accurate guesses. In particular:

1. You should begin by presenting the user with questions that contain answer options that differ based on their political beliefs.

Ex. What should the government do to help the poor?
A. Make it easier to apply for assistance.
B. Allow parents to use education funds for charter schools.
C. Create welfare to work programs.
D. Nothing.
2. The last question should ask which political party they affiliate with. This way you will be able to gather and store data corresponding to the results you acquire. Create at least 4 political party storages.

3. As you gain more data on each political party, you should have a way of storing this information to create a program that will use this data to accurately survey users and guess their political affiliations.

4. Some answers to questions correspond with more than one political party. Find a way to make your program advanced enough so that it can weigh answers with differing levels of intensity depending on which parties they correspond best with.

5. Overall, for this assignment you will prepare data storage files, obtain and store data through the usage of questions, and then write code using machine learning to create a survey that will accurately guess a user’s political party before they complete the survey.

6. At the end of the assignment, you should submit a program that simply surveys a user and guesses their political party. The more advanced your program is, the faster and more accurately it will guess the user’s political party affiliation.

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