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Oct 22, 2021
Decision-making framework  adapted from McDonald & Then, 2019.
Step 1: Identify issues and collect information
Outline key ethical and/or legal issues (for example, ethical violation, ethical dilemma or ethical distress) that are present in the case study. This includes summarising who is involved (or should be involved), their interests and what further information is needed (approx. 250 words).

Step 2: Evaluate the issues
Choose one ethical or legal issue identified in Step 1. Identify relevant legal, ethical and professional guidelines and explain how you would apply them to the chosen legal/ethical issue (approx. 400 words).

Step 3: Action  what to do in practice
Based upon Steps 1 and 2, outline a plan to respond to the situation. You need to consider your scope of practice as a nursing student and what options/resources are available to you (approx. 350 words).

References (do not reference your class tutor or class discussions)


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