Define And Illustrate The Role Of The Quantity Surveyor Throughout The Construction Process: Quantity Surveying Essay, IT Sligo, Ireland

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define and illustrate the role of the Quantity Surveyor throughout the construction process
  • Appraise and discuss the role of both the Client’s Quantity Surveyor and Contractor’s Quantity Surveyor
  • Identify and explain the role of a Bill of Quantities in construction projects.


‘Why Building Measurement and Quantity Surveying is an essential part of the construction process — A Case Study Review’

Your submission should present a critical and evaluative account of a well-known construction project (Case Study), detailing the vital elements of knowledge on the subject, including the importance of building measurement and quantity surveying processes within that project. Consider the role of the Quantity Surveyor in this project, and the use, if any, of the Bill of Quantities in its construction.

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