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May 30, 2023
Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper
The student will identify his or her personal philosophy of nursing practice through defining personal view and interrelationship of the theoretical concepts of person, environment, health, and nurse. The personal philosophy of nursing section should demonstrate how the personal beliefs of the four theoretical concepts interact to form the personal philosophy. Further, the student will discuss how his or her personal philosophy of nursing either impacts or is impacted by the policy and politics in nursing practice. It is required that the student elaborate on the personal philosophy of nursing practice as the primary focus. The paper must meet the 1000+ word requirement. This is a WAC assignment. APA format is expected. A grading rubric has been included in this syllabus. Contact the writing lab if you desire input or require help with your APA formatting.
Define and state personal philosophy of each of the following theoretical concepts: Person, Environment, Health, and Nurse


Discuss interrelationships of each theoretical concept

State personal philosophy of nursing

Discuss impact/influence of policy or politics on development of personal philosophy

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