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May 12, 2023
Your sociological imagination reflection will take the place of your final exam for SOCI 210. This paper is intended to measure how well you have understood the sociological concepts and theories presented in this course and will demonstrate the extent of how well your “sociological imagination” has developed over the course of this class. This reflection response will require that you write a 5–8-page reflection paper in response to the prompt provided below. I am not asking you to write a summary or recap, but rather use the course materials and what you have learned as social artifacts in which you relate the readings and concepts in class to aspects of your response. I ask that you refer to the rubric below to be successful on this assignment. Your paper should be 1-inch margins on all sides, a readable font, double-spaced and 10-12 size font.


Prompt: For this assignment, there are two parts.

Part I: Your sociological imagination. Define what “sociological imagination” is and describe how your sociological imagination has developed throughout this course. Consider how your viewpoints on topics we covered in class (race, gender, class, sexuality, social control, deviance, etc.) may have evolved now that you are equipped to view these topics through a sociological perspective. (2-3 pages). Please feel free to reference any of the materials from class (films, etc.). It is critical that you REFLECT. Do not simply summarize course readings/materials. Apply these concepts organically!

Part II: Application of your sociological imagination. You must find TWO current events not discussed in class and analyze it using your sociological imagination. One must be an event/social issue here in the United States. The other must be an issue outside of the United States (for example, the protests in Hong Kong). What sociological concepts are depicted or can be used to describe what is happening? Explain how so and defend your analysis using course materials, readings, etc. (2 pages per current event). Once again this is not a summary of the event, rather an ANALYSIS of how sociological concepts apply. Be sure to cite any resources and course materials throughout using ASA or APA format. A cover page is required.

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