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Sep 04, 2023

Exam will meet the following learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of sociology and its relevance to understanding their position as an individual, a family member, and as part of a community and wider society
  2. Discuss the process of socialization and the agents of socialization by analyzing family, peer groups, education, and media and how they impact their lives
    1. Examine the area of social stratification in Irish society and describe how this society can be divided into different social strata ie class, gender, race/ethnicity
    2. Discuss the impact of discrimination on individuals in society by looking at discrimination and its impact on the following members of society – Travellers, the socially marginalized, elderly people, immigrant and migrant workers of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds, minority religions and homosexuals and transsexuals
    3. Explore the role and function of the family as a social unit, the changes that have taken place in the family within an Irish context taking into account the implications of marital breakdown.

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