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Jun 07, 2023
  • Goal: To demonstrate how the technical elements in a theatre production can be interpreted to enhance the story and the vision of the director.
    The assignment is not about looking at the acting and/or the directing but at the different aspects of design, costumes, makeup, wigs, lights, sets, props, sounds, etc… while keeping in mind the director’s vision of the show.
    This is an essay response. You will be writing between three and four pages. Answer the two questions below on your own, and then use the answers to help you write your essay.
    1. How do all the aspects of design come together to bring a single, focused, and unique vision in this production?
    2. The production has a very unique designing style, which is the director’s vision. What do you think the director’s vision is trying to represent?
    Answer the question following the instructions below:
    Write a maximum of a three to four pages (no less than than 2 1/2 pages and no more than 4 pages.)
    Only write your name and last name on the upper left corner of the paper.
    The title of your paper needs to be centered.
    Make your paper double space.
    Use MLA format when writing your paper.
    Include a bibliography (if needed.)
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