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Protecting the environment matters. So does making money. Eco-Warriors are very good at doing both. This is how they do it…

The company works with local authorities, private businesses, members of the public and many other organizations to collect recyclable materials – not just the obvious things like clothes, paper, plastics, glass and metals but more specialized items like dead batteries (of every description, including car batteries), broken consumer electronics (old computers, TVs, DVD players etc.) and rubber (again, of every type including car and cycle tyres).

Materials can be sourced in a number of ways:

• Kerb-side collections from private residential homes working with the local authority rubbish trucks. The full trucks are taken directly to the company processing site and the selected materials removed and sorted. What is not wanted stays on the truck and goes to local authority landfill sites. The company pays each local authority a flat fee per truck, regardless of how much is taken. The private resident gets paid nothing and in fact has to pay the local authority a fee for the weekly collections.

• Contract collections from private businesses. Here the company works directly with individual third-party businesses and uses its own fleet of trucks to collect a pre-agreed range of waste materials which are then taken direct to the company processing site and the selected materials removed and sorted. Again, the client business gets paid nothing for these waste items and in fact has to pay the company a fixed monthly fee.

• Drop-ins from private individuals. The company allows the public to drop-off waste materials at their processing site at specified times each day – normally between 12.00 and 14.00 each day when the processing machinery is turned off. This is for health and safety reasons. Outside of that two-hour window, the public are not allowed on site – it is simply too dangerous. Again, no money is paid for any donated materials.

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