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Apr 25, 2023
  1. Demonstrate your understanding of Mental health and show how your understanding of Mental Health issues is developing. Take into account at least 3 of these areas and describe what you have learned. Subsequently, explore how this learning is impacting your awareness and evaluations of Mental Health issues. Be insightful in your reflections. Examine the skills you have acquired from the learning and record how this impacts how you think and how you would apply best practices in working with people with mental health difficulties.

    • Consider the moral, legal, and ethical considerations associated with Mental Health and key issues relating to current legislation.
    • Examine and Appreciate Treatment approaches and their application, Medication, physiotherapy, counseling, healing communities, and systematic interventions.
    • Examine the roles of the associated mental health professional.
    • Ongoing Interventions are available in the Community for people with mental health difficulties.
    • Positive supports in the Community which support mental health; e.g. yoga, Pilates, relaxation, reiki, Reflexology, massage, support groups, social activities, etc.
    • Features of Recovery and best practice models.
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