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May 12, 2023
The purpose of this assignment is to identify and explore a social policy and its impact on the local community. Students will enhance their knowledge relative to the way the community responds to the social issue. Be thorough in your responses and be sure to use research to support your statements. This is a formal paper, and your opinion should not be included.
Describe the need/issue being researched. This requires a literature review of at least 3 peer reviewed articles.
Discuss the prevalence of this issue both locally (if known) and nationally. Use statistical and other data to support your statements (This can come from agency or state websites).
Describe the attempts that have been made to address the problem locally and nationally.
Choose a local agency that addresses this social problem. Include a discussion of the agency’s history and philosophy.
When was the agency established? Who was the founder or founding group?
Why was the agency established and with what funding?
How has funding for the agency changed since its inception?
Is this agency private or public? Non-profit or profit?
What social work roles and level of social work are offered at this agency?
Summarize the outcomes of the agency’s programs, often found on agency websites. (e.g., number served, success rates).
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