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Apr 25, 2023
  1. Instruction:
    The written report is a major component of your term project. The purpose of the report is to demonstrate what you’ve learned in ALES 204 by describing and critically examining the ways in which ALES 204 course content shaped the five communications that comprise the term project (including this report). The substantive focus of the report should be on course content that you drew on and applied to develop various components of the term project (i.e., oral presentation, slides, introduction, thank you note, written report). Specific requirements are detailed below.
    In addition to describing the ways in which course content shapes the various components of the term project, a requirement of the assignment is for you to critically examine your application of course content. As part of your critical examination, it will be important to draw on ALES 204 content to discuss the strengths and limitations/weaknesses of the processes you used to develop your communication products and/or products themselves. Another way to think about this is what you did well and areas for improvement and/or what worked well and what didn’t work well – and why.
    You can choose the way in which you structure your report; there is no one way to do this. For instance, you could identify two or three topics/content areas and describe and critically examine them in relation to the term project components. Alternatively, you could organize your report around the strengths and limitations/weaknesses of your process and/or communication products. Another strategy might be to organize your report around topics/content areas that you found the most interesting and useful in relation to the term project components. These are just a few ideas about how to structure your report. I encourage you to think about others too!
    Your report should be 5-6 pages in length (excluding the title page and reference list/bibliography) and should exemplify the following characteristics: an appropriate and well-organized structure; clear, coherent, and engaging style; and attractive and inviting design that facilitates readability, navigation, and comprehension.
    Much of the content we have covered in ALES 204 will be relevant and useful to you as you prepare your report. Particularly relevant is content about creating professional messages (January 25-February 13), public speaking (February 15 & 27 and March 1), and professional writing (March 6, 8, & 13).

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