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Jun 08, 2023

In at least 3pp. (TNR12; spacing: 1; margins: 1) answer the following questions. Work *only and exclusively* with the sources I uploaded to Blackboard; avoid using AI-bots completely (plagiarism will not be tolerated). Make concrete references to the texts by including your reflections on specific passages, arguments, ideas, etc. Use the Writing Center to improve the quality of your writing. Thoroughly proof-read your essay before submission. You will need several days to re-read all the material and produce a solid essay.


I. On Gensler and Tokmenko’s “Against Cultural Relativism”
1. Explain the concept of CR.
2. Describe at least two of the motivations that may lead people to find CR appealing.
3. Describe at least two of the problems raised by Gensler and Tokmenko to CR.
4. Explain your view on the subject.
II. Existentialist Ethics: Kierkegaard & Sartre
1. Describe the ways in which, for Kierkegaard, we are fundamentally alienated and how he accounts for a possible way out of this situation.
2. Sartre famously claimed that “(human) existence precedes essence.” Explain.
3. Fully recognizing the nature of our subjectivity entails, for Sartre, the realization that we are fundamentally free individuals and therefore responsible for our actions and responsible for all others. Explain in some detail and explain why this realization does not happen without us going through anguish.
4. Which are the eminent ways in which we veil, hide the reality of our freedom to ourselves (illustrate the notion of “bad faith”)?

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