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May 11, 2023
  1. Journal Review #2


    The student must review an article that has been published in a sociological journal. Many journals are located on the campus of SWCC in the library. The student may locate the article from other libraries. The student must select an article from the following sources: Deviant Behavior, American Sociological Review, Sociological Focus, American Journal of Sociology, Contemporary Sociology, Social Forces, Journal of Marriage and Family or Rural Sociology (no others will be accepted unless you have specific permission from the instructor). You must select a complete article (not a review) from one of the above journals; no articles from popular magazines will be accepted. Do not send in reviews that are not from these journals, you will receive a zero if you use a psychology journal.

    The following are the questions that each student must answer for the journal review. The questions must be type written or computer generated, no handwritten work will be accepted. The student is expected to submit a paper using correct spelling with all typographical errors corrected.

    Each question must be answered. It is best if you list the question with the answer.

    What is the title of the article? List the journal name and when it was published.
    Who is the author(s)? What does the article say about the people who wrote this article, for example, what is the author’s occupation, and what reasons do he/she/they present for writing this article?
    Briefly describe areas where the author(s) have studied similar topics.
    What are the conditions of the research? Who did the author study and how were they chosen? What was the total number of participants and when was the study conducted? In other words, how did they obtain the information for their research?
    ***(If you cannot answer this question from the journal that you have selected then you have not selected an appropriate article.)

    What did the authors discover, what did they prove or disprove? What conclusions did they make from doing this piece of research? What are the future implications of this study?
    What is your personal conclusion about this study? What was it that you disliked or like about the study? Your statements can be positive or negative, but they must be directly related to the specific information that was presented in the article. Here you should be thoughtful and use insight in your conclusion.

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