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May 13, 2023

should have 6 sources: 4 books and 2 academic articles
your sources should balance primary and secondary sources.
should list sources in alphabetical order, according to author’s last name
each source listing should include a paragraph that explains how you think this source will help your research project


The sources you identify in your annotated bibliography are the ones you must use for your final paper.

This means you cannot complete this assignment and then use completely different sources, least of all non-academic sources, for your paper.

If you find that an academic source you identified for your annotated bibliography doesn’t work and you need to swap it out for another academic source, shoot me an email to give me a heads up. You don’t have to resubmit the annotated bibliography all over again.

It is also not acceptable to say “I couldn’t find any research materials so that’s why my project doesn’t have any citations.” Aside from the fact that you have a whole CCC library + Chicago Public Library system at your disposal, please understand I am a researcher by profession. If you are having trouble finding resources for your project, shoot me an email. As a graduate student, my access to many of the same databases and institutional ebook subscriptions is wider than yours. But turning in a final paper with no sources will earn you a failing grade.

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