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May 12, 2023

A. Description of Intervention (Program/Service) Selected
a. Select a program or service (intervention) that you are going to evaluate in your community or from your field placement (agency).
b. Briefly describe the intervention (program or service) that you’ve selected for this benchmark assignment identifying its core components of it.
B. ProblemIdentification&PurposeofEvaluation
a. Identify and describe the problem or need that your selected program/intervention
addresses (See page 113 table 6.1 in your textbook, which highlights the difference between a problem and a need. *Conduct a critical review of the empirical literature on the problem (or need) and literature on the interventions (programs or services) that address the problem or need (if available). *Include Three (3) empirical sources, at least.
b. Justify why it is important to address the problem or need using evaluation. Please cite data and research findings to support your justification. *Describe the diversity of your population (e.g., gender, age, race, ethnicity, and so on) and its relevance to why you choose the group.
c. State the purpose or aim of the evaluation.
C. Types of Evaluation Chosen
a. Select the type(s) of evaluation that you are going to conduct (Refer to Table 4.2 on Syllabus
p. 90). It could be formative or summative or both. Note: This may not apply to Needs
b. State why you chose the evaluation type(s) and describe characteristics, including core
components, of the evaluation.
D. Goals & Objectives of the Program/Intervention
a. Describe the goals and measurable objectives of the program.
b. Identify any specific activities/strategies for achieving the goals and objectives of the
c. Using the Logic model, explain the theory or assumptions guiding your intervention,
program, or service to achieve its goals & objectives (e.g., change, prevent, or treat the specified problem).
E. Evaluation Research Design, Sampling & Data Collection
a. Specify the research design planned for the evaluation and explain why it was selected.
I.e., Single System Designs, Group Designs, Pre & Post Test Design, etc.
b. Describe how you will recruit and retain participants (sampling method!)
c. Explain how you will protect the rights of participants (e.g., ethical issues of informed
consent, voluntary participation, and protection of sensitive data).
d. Describe how and where you will get your data for the evaluation.
e.g., Survey, personal interview, focus group, observation, archival research
F. Conclusion
a. Identify the strengths and limitations of the Planned Evaluation. Please give examples to
support your response.
b. Describe how to use your evaluation results to improve the program and/or practice.
G. References
References are used appropriately and in APA format.
The paper should be 8-10 pages in text, excluding the title and references pages.


Required Textbook
Dudley, J. (2020). Social Work Evaluation: Enhancing What We Do. 3rd edition. OXFORD University Press.

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