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Jun 07, 2023
  • Summarize the Challenger accident crisis.
    Identify one reason team formation or team relationships could be connected to the Challenger crisis.
    Identify one leadership skill or strategy that would have helped not only the NASA leadership team to better respond to the concerns about the O-ring but, also, any team leader better form their teams.
    Using the Challenger case study as an example of teams and issues with groupthink, explain how your identified leadership skill or strategy can help form a team, assist in conflict resolution, or can guard against groupthink in order to prepare a team of human services professional practitioners to respond to issues and avoid internal crisis. Refer to Learning Resources and at least one source from your own research to support this explanation.
    Describe how team formation can help human services executive leaders create effective and strong teams of human services professional practitioners to avoid failing in times in crisis. Consider responding to one or both of the following:
    Why do we need to avoid groupthink when working in crisis that can affect individuals, families, and communities?
    How does groupthink impact the management of human services crisis?
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