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May 25, 2023
  1. Social Movements rely heavily on the charisma and captivation skills of their leaders. Leaders must possess the ability to engage and inspire their audience effectively. Political analysts and historians often scrutinize body language, especially during public addresses and debates.

  2. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.`s "I Have a Dream" speech and Alicia Garza`s address from the Black Lives Matter movement provide compelling examples of impactful oratory. Paying attention to elements like body language, gestures, cadence, and delivery style is crucial.

  3. Length: 2-3 pages with substantive content Font: 12 pt In-text citations: APA style References: Minimum of 2 scholarly sources, plus textbook or weekly lesson for each course outcome Title and introduction pages included.

  4. Summarize both speeches, highlighting their main themes and objectives.

  5. Compare Dr. King`s leadership, charisma, power, and passion to Alicia Garza`s speech. Identify similarities and differences in their ability to engage and mobilize their audience effectively.

  6. Analyze how the location of each speech contributes to its messaging. Dr. King delivered his speech in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, while Alicia Garza`s speech leverages social networking and modern communication channels. Discuss the impact of these different platforms on message delivery.

  7. Describe how the audience in Dr. King`s speeches relates to Alicia Garza`s audience. Explore similarities and differences in the composition, demographics, and response of the audiences to each speech.

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