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Jun 06, 2023
This all has to do with anxiety, you’ll have to write the essay with answering all of these questions:
What is historical context of this psychological disorder? (How did this disorder become a thing?)
According to the DSM-5, what are the main symptoms of this psychological disorder?
Describe how these symptoms impact someone’s life and relationships (you can use popular pop culture references or examples here).
From what we can understand, how does someone end up with this psychological disorder?
Describe any neurological, biological and evolutionary explanations for this psychological disorder.
Discuss the prevalence and severity of this psychological disorder in the U.S.
Describe the most common treatments and/or modalities used to manage symptoms.
Elaborate on the effectiveness of the various treatments/modalities used for symptom management?
Can someone who has been diagnosed with this psychological disorder be “cured?”
Describe various ways to prevent this type of psychological disorder.
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