Describe One Aspect Of Cancer Diagnostics (Currently Used

Cancer type chosen: Cervical cancer

Question 1:

Recent advances in cancer therapies covered areas such gene therapies and immune therapies. For example, the NHS is currently using one of the high advanced personalized cancer therapy, CAR-T therapy.

Describe one of new cancer treatment (currently used in the NHS or under research and development). Explain the targeted cancer biological process of this treatment, potential side-effect and potential benefit to cancer patients.

Select one cancer type and focus your essay on it.

Question 2:

In the post genomics era, the NHS is undergoing significant reforms in its cancer diagnostic service. Several aspects in cancer diagnostics include imaging, biomarkers molecular profiling, and genomic sequencing.

Describe one aspect of cancer diagnostics (currently used in the NHS or under research and development) explain the rationale behind the diagnostic tests, methodologies and its potential benefit to treating cancer patients.

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