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May 11, 2023

For this paper, we will be tying together several themes from the course. In particular, we will be focusing on the sociological imagination and citizenship, with a review of topics you found important. For this paper you will:
• Identify three topics we have studied over the course of the semester that you think are important. Discuss those three topics using the troubles/issues framework identified by Mills.
• Discuss potential solution that address this condition at both the trouble/personal and issue/societal level.
• Discuss how a citizen may engage in those potential solutions. In other words, pay attention to citizenship as a mode of action, and discuss how people can act in such ways as to solve (or help solve) the problems you’ve identified.


• The paper must be between 1300-1600 words, including your reference list. (This works out to about five pages.)
• Use standard margins. Double-space the main text of the paper. (Do not add an extra line between paragraphs; instead, indent the first line of each paragraph.)
• Use formal college-level writing for the paper. (First person is ok; but it should be using formal writing.)
• Use American Psychological Association formatting for in-text citations and reference lists. (Do NOT include a title page or abstract).
• Do NOT include your name or a header. (I prefer to grade anonymously.)
• You must use between five and eight sources:
o Mills, “The Promise” from The Sociological Imagination is required.
o Our textbook is required.
o Between two and three academic research articles are required.

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