Describe the 5 positive leadership qualities that you think are most important and explain why.

This signature assignment pulls together many of the ideas we are learning about throughout the course. Your Personal Leadership Plan is an opportunity for you to synthesize your new understandings of leadership and apply them to your real life as a future APRN.

The Personal Leadership Plan should be 4-5 pages long, not including references. It may be organized into three sections as follows.

Section 1: Your Leadership Philosophy
In this section, you will discuss the personal leadership philosophy that you have developed and will continue to develop over time. You should provide thoughtful definitions and relevant examples of effective leadership. Describe the 5 positive leadership qualities that you think are most important and explain why. You should also discuss what has shaped you, personally, as a leader. What is your current leadership style? What unique combination of values, abilities, and aptitudes do you bring to the leadership role? What kind of leader do you aspire to be moving forward? Again, please give examples. You are expected to incorporate information/ideas from our textbooks and other scholarly referencs, properly cited.

Section 2: A Significant Issue in Our Health Care System
In this section, you will describe a significant problem or issue facing our health care system that you are passionate about seeing changed. Explain why it is significant and strategize possible solutions. You should draw from and cite at least 3 sources dealing with this issue. Please note, it should not be the same topic you addressed in your group presentation, but it can be an issue addressed by one of the other groups.

(Issue can be Burnout among health care providers such as nurses)

Section 3: Strategic Leadership Plan
In this section, you will explore how your leadership philosophy, style, and aptitudes equip you to be a part of the solution to the issue you discussed in Section 2. How can you be (and lead) the change you want to see? Describe at least 2 concrete actions you can take and provide some detail about how you will carry out these steps. (Remember that leadership does not mean going it alone; these actions can certainly include joining forces with an existing organization, recruiting others to a new organization, reaching out to other health care professionals, educating the public, etc.)

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