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Oct 23, 2023

Assignment: Information Systems Data Analytics


Tools and technology are constantly changing in the field of data. As technology grows and more tools become available, it is important to be familiar with what analysts currently use and be able to adapt to the latest tools and technology to meet the needs of your stakeholders. In this assignment, you will explore a specific tool or technology and how it is used to analyze and visualize data.


Question I. Identify at least one tool or technology used to visualize data results. For example, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, CRM systems, Tableau, SAS, Python, R, and Visio can be used to create graphs, charts, interactive content, infographics, or dashboards.

Question II. Describe the benefits of using the tool or technology. Consider cost, ease of use for analysts and other users in the business, availability (the organizational form may influence the type of tool or technology you have access to), and so on.

Question III. Determine the type(s) of data that are appropriate for the tool or technology.

Question IV. Determine the type(s) of visualization(s) that can be created using the tool or technology.

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