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May 15, 2023

Background & Overview
Glands, Hormones, and Signaling. That’s what Module 2 is about. Of course, there’s a lot of nuance in there as well and that’s what you’ll explore in your Module 2 Assignment. Below are six prompts that cover several areas of endocrinology from the sub-cellular responses to the anatomical and functional differences between how certain hormones are created.


Attached to your prompts are several key topics that must be included in your videos. Your textbook is informative but light on these subjects so you’ll also find a list of resources that provide all of the information necessary to successfully generate your videos. You may draw from additional resources as well. Please cite these in APA format following the example at the bottom of this page.

Prompt: Choose one of the following

1) The Anterior and Posterior Pituitary
While they combine to form the pituitary gland, these structures are separate and distinct. Describe the following:

Separate embryonic origins
The Hypophyseal Portal System connecting the hypothalamus to the anterior pituitary
The Hypophyseal Tract connecting the hypothalamus to the posterior pitutiary
Neuroendocrine communication from nuclei of the hypothalamus; the releasing and inhibiting hormones and the cells they stimulate or inhibit.
Hormones acting upon the pituitary and produced from the anterior and posterior pituitary.
Briefly mention these hormones but don’t go into detail regarding their downstream actions.

Textbook readings: 17.2a – 17.2b
Anterior Pituitary Connection NinjaNerd
Posterior Pituitary Connection NinjaNerd

2) Hormones Associated with Circadian Rhythm
Time of day, sleeping, and eating influences the production of sets of hormones. Exercise may too. These natural rhythms are attributed to “clock genes” within most of our cells that respond based on a perceived time of day. In this video, describe:

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