Describe the four clusters of N systems using “quality” versus “business value” coordinates.

In this week’s interactive assignment, you will add to your concept map that you created in Week 4 and further illustrate and make connections among the concepts of software evolution. This week’s section of the concept map is focused on software evolution. In your concept map, illustrate and label each component of software evolution. Show the logical elements of a legacy system and describe their relationships.

In addition to your concept map, you will write a paper in which you will assume an organization has N legacy systems, and you want to assess the quality and business value of these systems. In your paper,

Describe the four clusters of N systems using “quality” versus “business value” coordinates.
Provide a pie chart showing the approximate distribution of costs, based on the available survey by Davidson and Krogstie (2010) in your text.
Explain three different types of software maintenance.
Describe a general model for the reengineering of software process, using a legacy program as input and an improved version of the same program as an output.

Your paper must be a minimum of 600 words.

Attach your presentation concept map and paper in your initial post. In addition, provide a brief summary of the alignment between your concept map and elements within your paper in your initial post. If you choose to utilize a web-based presentation software, include the URL of your presentation in your post.

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