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Jun 08, 2023
Proposed Project Framework
Your project framework should be clearly defined and include population, foundations, phenomena, and variables. The framework consists of three elements:
Methodological Approach.
Describe the proposed methodological framework that aligns the topic, problem, gap, and project questions.
Population and Sample (including site if necessary).
Describe the proposed target population as it aligns with the topic, purpose, and questions.
Foundations, Phenomena, Variables.
Present evidence and explanation for the final choice of framework.
Data Collection
Describe the proposed data collection procedures and potential ethical considerations associated with your data collection. Data collection begins once informed consent is confirmed. Describe where your respondents or data are, and how you will gather information from those individuals or sites. Indicate the steps necessary to gather and secure data.
Ethical Considerations
Explain potential risks to study participants and how each risk will be mitigated to reduce ethical conflicts. Describe any ethical considerations that should be in place to address the sample, the population overall, the data, and the topic. Fully explain how you plan to protect your human participants along with any data collected through other providers. Support identified ethical, confidentiality, privacy, security, anonymity, and credibility issues and mitigation strategies with scholarly references. Be sure to cite literature associated with ethical responsibilities, including The Belmont Report (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1979).
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