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Apr 26, 2023

Use Stata or Python to do the regression of wages.
WageGap = β0 + β1 * ParentalLeave + β2 * X2 + β3 * X3 + … + βn * Xn + ε
• WageGap represents the wage gap between different groups in the labor market (e.g., men and women)
• ParentalLeave is the measure of parental leave policies, which can be represented in various ways, such as length of leave, percentage of paid leave, or a combination of both.
• X2, X3, …, Xn are other control variables that may influence the wage gap, such as education level, work experience, occupation, industry, hours worked, and region.
• β0 is the intercept or constant term.
• β1, β2, …, βn are the coefficients of the independent variables, representing the estimated effects of these variables on the wage gap.
• ε is the error term, capturing the unexplained variation in the wage gap.


Need to find the data and do the regression. The result should be graphs and numerical results with conclusion.

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