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Apr 26, 2023

MAN2021: Principles of Management


Final Paper
Final Paper The paper will be at least 6 pages, in-text citations using APA format, and References using APA format. The paper must be done in word with at least 5 Scholarly citations, on any of the following 6 topics:
be done using APA format
1. Describe the roles effective communication and good interpersonal relation play in an organization
2. Research the historical perspectives on motivation and describe the role of the manager in maximizing the likelihood of better behavior from employees in the workplace
3. Describe the multicultural environment of business and identify major trends and dimensions of diversity and multiculturalism
4. Consider each of the Stake holders in an online music publishing industry – these include recording artists, recording companies, online retailers like Apple, Amazon and cloud storage firms and consumers. Consider the kinds of ethical problems faced by the industry and explain how each stakeholder is affected by each problem.
5. Identify the components of the internal environment and discuss their impact on
6. The text indicates that Organizations need to develop a strategy for social responsibility just like they do any other business strategy. Research two organizations one that is known for its social responsibility and one that is not and compare and contrast the two.MAN2021: Principles of Management

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