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May 03, 2023
Describe the dilemma including a brief discussion of the background and history of the problem. Incorporate literature from at least two scholarly sources regarding the problem.
Describe and examine personal, societal, and professional values related to the dilemma.
What Ethical Standard is being challenged and in what way is it being challenged?
Choose and describe one of the following Ethical Standards
Ethical responsibilities to clients.
Ethical responsibilities to colleagues.
Ethical responsibilities in practice settings.
Ethical responsibilities as professionals.
Ethical responsibilities to the social work profession.
Provide some historical and background information on the chosen ethical standard
Incorporate Literature (at least 3 sources) from scholarly resources related to the Ethical Standard.
Identify and briefly summarize one theory you will use for resolving the identified dilemma.
Refer to the sections in the textbook; cite page numbers that you found most useful in helping you understand and examine the Ethical Standard.
Make sure to use the Code of Ethics and models for decision making as well.
Demonstrate how the theory may be able to help you resolve the theory.
Describe the Social workers’ ethical responsibilities to the broader society.
Identify and describe guidelines of conduct, both professional and aspirational, that can be used to demonstrate responsible social work compliance with the standard.
Conclude by briefly acknowledging possible dilemmas that may arise from this dilemma, but explain why they would not be completely acceptable, and show why your analysis and support of this standard are the most appropriate.

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