Describe the student’s needs and risk and protective factors.

Assessment for Intervention (Common Assignment):

Develop an assessment for an individual describing the needs and challenges in their school setting that interferes with learning. If possible, use a current case that can include mental health or social concerns. Draw from a Sourcebook chapter that addresses the student’s challenges, which will be( overcoming school anxiety). My role is the school Social worker. Use the Sourcebook as a foundation reference to inform your thinking about this student’s needs and possible ways to support them.

  • Clearly describe the chosen school setting: urban, suburban, or rural, and whether this is an elementary, middle, or high school.
  • Describe the student’s needs and risk and protective factors.
  • Clarify how you will do or have done a risk assessment. What is involved?
  • Provide an overview of what informs possible solutions and the role you will fulfill in implementing an approach to meet the mental health and social needs of the student within the school environment.
  • How could the student’s needs be met? Where appropriate, specify how you will, or how you have worked with a multidisciplinary team, parents, teachers, and students.
  • What are the barriers or challenges involved that you would need to address in providing a successful intervention? How will you work with these challenges?
  • Use of other supportive references can further your perspective on what is possible. book required resource: Keperling, J.P., Reinke, W.M., Marchese, D., & Ialongo, N. (2017). Group interventions in schools: A guide for practitioners. Guilford Press.

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