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May 11, 2023



*Describe the traditional model of decision making, the role of rationality, the process of maximizing one variable over others, and the limitations of traditional decision making with regard to decision heuristics,incomplete knowledge, and conflict over both data and priorities

*State the key characteristics of systems; apply systems thinking to a larger social-ecosystem to explain how systems thinking can change our process of decision making and may enable more sustainable decision making


Review chapter 8 Improving Our Thinking about Sustainability (Working Toward Sustainability, Kibert et al, 1e) and write a study journal to response all following questions/subjects:

1. Concept Studies: What are Rational Decision Making, Bounded Rationality, Heuristics, Social-ecological Systems, Ecological Footprint, Fair Trade.

2. Systems Thinking and Applications (pg. 227-233): What is Systems Thinking? How many concepts covered in assigned materials can improve our systems thinking skills? What are they? Review a case study – System Surprise Scenario in California identify what important elements were missed when managing the Altamont Pass Wind Farm; explain how systems thinking could have prevented the situation and may enable more sustainable decision making in this scenario.

3. Systems Thinking and You (Optional): How might you apply lessons learned from this scenario to your future professional decisions?

* This is a REFLECTION JOURNAL, which means you write a short paper to demonstrate your learning outcomes from ASSIGNED material. The journal shall FULLY cover the subjects as requested, and be typed and well-organized essay format (maximum 1,200 words).

* The REQUIRED textbook is required and primary study source. The page numbers need to be included (e.g., social-ecological system, pg.219) to show where you learn the key points such as definitions, facts, data, research findings when needed. The reference(s) and in-text citation (APA or MLA format) need to be correctly written and presented if use supplementary materials other than textbook(s).

* The rubric shows how this assignment will be graded.

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