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Jan 20, 2022
  • Describe the various approaches to defining rural & indicate which of the approaches, you find most convincing, and explain why?
  • Outline the features of rural areas that contribute to a higher risk of rural poverty occurring & explain the factors that contribute to the invisibility of
    rural poverty
  • Some natural and social scientists, as well as environmental activists, see rural depopulation as an opportunity to reclaim for non-humans some of the enormous amounts of space they have lost over the decades, centuries, and millennia. In doing so, many aims to combat both the global biodiversity and climate-change crises. Evaluate the arguments for rewilding of rural areas.
  • In developed regions, the rural has become a highly controlled landscape of
    production and consumption: industrialized agriculture coexists with leisure
    landscapes for tourism, retirement, and recreation. Discuss the meaning and implications of this statement, referring in your answer to relevant examples.

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