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the first essay (due 03/21 by 10:00am)
In this essay (1000-1250 words) you will write a critical analysis of the selected article. You will include a thesis weighing in on the effectiveness of the AUTHOR’S text, a detailed and objective description of the text, and a detailed evaluation of the written work (your claims about the work supported by evidence and explanation). MLA or APA style citations are required.
this essay should only use this acticle: The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin by Boost (will attach once i hire a writer)

second essay (due 03/42 22:00) :
Objective: This assignment aims to encourage students to reflect on their learning experiences during the “Card Trick Instructions” activity and draw connections between the activity and their approach to reading a math textbook. (textbook will attch after hire) essay sholud be 2 pages minimum
Begin by summarizing your experience during the “Card Trick Instructions” activity. Describe what happened and the roles of your group’s Magician and Reader.
Reflect on the role of the Reader in helping the Magician successfully complete each card trick. Did the Reader read the instructions slowly and step by step? Did she need to reread any steps? Discuss how this process relates to reading your math textbook.
If you switched roles between tricks, please share some of the strategies you observed or adopted. For those who didn’t switch roles, describe any effective strategies your partner employed during the tricks.
Explore the similarities and differences between following the instructions for a card trick and reading your math textbook. How does the act of following instructions in both cases contribute to your understanding of the subject matter?
Consider the factors that may discourage you from reading your math textbook. Are there specific challenges or reasons that make it less appealing? On the contrary, what motivates you to read it? How can you apply this motivation to boost your engagement with your math studies?
Discuss the unique characteristics of reading mathematics compared to other types of books, such as novels or textbooks from other subjects. What strategies could you employ to make reading your course’s mathematics textbook more effective and engaging for yourself?
Reflect on the learning objectives of the card trick activity. What do you think you were supposed to learn from this experience? How does it relate to your overall understanding of the learning process in mathematics?
Explore your experiences with attempting the card trick, possibly failing at first, and then succeeding after trying again. Relate this to the process of doing mathematics. Are there parallels between overcoming challenges in the card trick and in math problem-solving?
Identify the key motivators that drive you to read the math textbook and complete your homework. Were you motivated to complete each card trick during the activity? If so, how can you apply that motivation to your math studies? If not, discuss strategies to boost your motivation and engagement in your math coursework.
Formatting and Submission: Please submit your assignment as a well-organized essay. Be sure to address the questions above, providing thoughtful and reflective responses. The assignment should be typed and submitted electronically through Brightspace.
Grading Criteria: Your assignment will be assessed based on the clarity of your responses, the depth of your reflection, and your ability to draw meaningful connections between the card trick activity and reading mathematics. Additionally, proper grammar and formatting will be considered when evaluating your work.

forgot to mention, but for the critical analysis essay, a wriiter memo should be include here’s the instructions:
The Writer’s Memo serves as a coversheet to your final critical analysis essay.
Your Critical Analysis Essay is your “Signature Assignment” for College Writing 1. You will submit this Writer’s Memo and the final draft of your Critical Analysis Essay to the Brightspace portfolio that you will use to document your journey through the Core Curriculum. In this memo, which should be 350-500 words, you should describe your experience with the unit as a whole, explain how you believe you achieved the course outcomes associated with the unit (see below), and express how you believe this assignment has contributed to your journey as a writer and scholar at Springfield College.
Course Outcomes–Discuss at Least One in Your Memo
Demonstrate ability to write using well developed central ideas, appropriate supporting details, and clear organizational patterns.
Demonstrate the ability to locate, evaluate, and use academic and other appropriate sources, as well as to understand how a source’s value is informed by context.
Use an appropriate set of conventions for citing sources (APA or MLA).
Demonstrate an awareness of grammar, mechanics, and punctation, and usage errors that you are most likely to commit and work to control those errors.

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