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Jun 06, 2023


500-800 words
no citations needed.

Part A:

Description of study design: 40 points
Selection of study population and sampling method: 20
Measurement of exposure and outcome: 20 points
Potential sources of bias and confounding: 20 points

Part B:

Discussion of strengths and limitations of study
design: 30 points
Implications of findings for public health
interventions: 30 points
Discussion of challenges and solutions: 20 points
Discussion of potential impact on public health policy
and future research: 20 points

Extra Credit:

Describe what makes your study design unique and
innovative, compared to other studies investigating the relationship
between exposure to air pollution and the incidence of asthma. In your
answer, consider novel approaches to measuring exposure or outcome,
innovative methods for addressing confounding or bias, or creative ways
of sampling or recruiting study participants. Explain how your design
could advance our understanding of this relationship or lead to novel
interventions to reduce the burden of asthma in affected populations.


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