Describe what the multiplicity constraint represents for a relationship type.

Part A – Complete Review Question 11.4 on page 354 AND explain how you would apply 3 of those techniques if you were asked to collect information regarding how to improve the learning management system we use in this class.

11.4 A database developer normally uses several fact-finding techniques during a single database project. The five most commonly used techniques are examining documentation, interviewing, observing the business in operation, conducting research, and using questionnaires. Describe each fact-finding technique and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Part B – Complete Review Question 12.4 on page 383 (you only need to include concepts through section 12.6.3) AND describe the relationship that exists between the PrivateOwner entity (table) and the PropertyForRent entity (table) in the DreamHome database used in our textbook. (The relevant tables can be found on page 112). HINT – review the Chapter 12 Study Aid (download the document) and the Table Relationships – Multiplicity topic in the Terms and Concepts discussion.

12.4 Describe what the multiplicity constraint represents for a relationship type.

Do “not” include the questions with your answers.

The submission should demonstrate your understanding of the assigned material and be in the order of 650+ words in length

Your submission must be original, include supporting sentences using the terms, concepts, and theories with the page number or website from the required readings or other material. Your submission should paraphrase the material you reference, restrict your use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 15% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if you exceed this limit).

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