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May 12, 2023

The purpose of this paper is to give you an opportunity to integrate the Generalist Intervention Model with your understanding of professional values/ethics and culturally competent social work practice. Successful completion of this paper will require careful review of your required readings, class notes, and in-class experiences.


You will watch the movie Precious (independently and or in class), which documents the experiences of a multi-generational African American family whose members have experienced trauma and institutional racism. You may need to watch the movie more than once to get an accurate picture of the client and her family. You may watch the movie with other classmates, but your papers must be original. This must be your work alone.

Scenario: You are a social worker in a social service agency working with Precious. Your agency provides case management, supportive counseling, and referral services. Precious voluntarily contacted the agency requesting services. You are assigned to be her social worker. Your role in social work can be created by you for purposes of this paper.

Describe what the social work experience with this client was like, based on your understanding of the character(your understanding of the character comes directly from the movie-however you should NEVER refer directly to the movie. This paper is about you reflecting back on your work together. Use the past tense when writing this paper. You may use first person tense in the body of this paper.

*Base your paper on information available to you through the movie. If there were details that you were not able to determine for your client and her circumstances, indicate what details are missing and what that information would provide for your summary as well as how you might obtain that information.

Use the following questions to organize your paper:

Part I


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