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Oct 18, 2023
  1. summarize the relationship between businesses and the healthcare industry.
  2. describe the link between wealth and health in at least one paragraph.
  3. Summarize the three viewpoints that U.S. citizens have about their healthcare.
  4. Describe what you observe from the chart and draw your own conclusions about the significance of the breakdown in percentages. If you don`t know what Medicaid and Medicare are, then you will need to look this up in order to understand this chart.
    • Note:  draw a conclusions about the significance of the breakdown in percentages while making connections to the previous charts. The last chart is for the individual mandate and relates to document #5.
  5. Reflect  thoughts about repealing the individual mandate and its negative and positive impacts.
  6. summarize the position that this article takes and write a reflection on your position on having a single-payer healthcare system similar to Canada.
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