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Jun 07, 2023
  • each question should be substantive, approximately 150 words, include examples, references to the text, course material, or outside sources (include citations; MLA or APA format). Posts and responses must add value to the conversation (in other words, a simple “I agree”, “Right On” or “I think he is right” will not suffice. Late work will not be accepted.


    Many of the people in jail have not been convicted of a crime. Should those who are awaiting trial be treated differently than those who have been convicted? Do people who have not yet been found guilty have more “rights” than those who have been found guilty? You are a jail administrator. Like many jails across the United States, yours is facing overcrowding issues. In an effort to ease complications, you have created a pre-trial community release project. Describe what your alternative release project is and the type of pre-release candidate who would be eligible for your project.

    Question 2

    Should governments invest in separate jail facilities for men and women rather than simply have separate units within the same facility? What advantages and disadvantages might result from this arrangement? Explain why incarceration is particularly difficult for females who have histories of physical and sexual abuse?

    Question 3
    What is/are the most important job(s) within a prison? Defend your answer.

    Question 4
    Describe the possible benefits of having education, religious, and recreation programs in a prison environment. Would you support paying all inmates a wage for their work, and then deducting that money for rent, utilities, and paying restitution? Debate the pros and cons of this policy.

    Question 5
    There was a recent inmate uprising at MCI House of Corrections in Dartmouth. What were the inmate complaints? Do you agree with their demands? Do you agree with their method of bring heard? The former Sheriff was often criticized. The new Sheriff is now also the subject of criticism. Based on all you have learned this semester, if you were the Sheriff, what would your goals and priorities be for your organization?

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