Description Of The Illness Chosen: Care Of The Older Person Assignment, OC, Ireland

Your project should include the following headings and subheadings:


  • Description of the illness chosen
  • Prevalence of the illness in Ireland and worldwide. Compare statistics and detail differences
  • Describe how cultural and ethical issues impact the disease

Main Body

  • Discuss the care needs of the client in terms of physical, emotional and intellectual needs
  • Describe the potential changes that may need to be made due to the diagnosis of the illness
  • Discuss your role in the care of the client
  • Discuss the role: the care setting has in the clients overall care
  • the other members of the care team (MDT) have in the clients overall care
  • Discuss 3 services that can improve the quality of care of the client for example: day centres, evening classes, social groups etc., specifically related to the illness chosen.


  • Planning for end of life care is an important part in the care of clients:
  • discuss ways to approach the subject of end of life care with the dient
  • how/where might you gather the information in a sensitive and caring manner.

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