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Oct 23, 2023

Substation Design and Automation


For this task a brief report on High Voltage (HV) substation design and equipment are required to be written. In general, an overview of the HV electrical substation should be represented considering different substation types and architectural levels for implementation of HV substations. Further to that standards and regulations associated to different aspects of the substation have to be addressed.

The core part of this report is concerned with primary system and HV elements within electrical substation where technical details, functionalities and design parameters are discussed. In order to identify and highlight important points in your report below is the list of specified assessment criteria:

- Substation Layouts and main equipment (Busbars, CBs and etc.)
- Design considerations and functionalities (protection, grounding and etc.)
- Regulation and Standards (Technical & OHS)
- Maintenance and Facilities (including Modern Technologies & Services)

Aside from the above-mentioned criteria for addressing the topic of the report, your report should have the following format.

Suggested report structure:
- Title page (excluded from word count)
- Executive summary (excluded from word count)
- Table of contents (excluded from word count)
- Introduction (Brief explanations on significance of the topic and various aspects- technical/economic/environment)
- Body (Identify and discuss/explain on relevant topic/sub-topics)
- Conclusion
- References (excluded from word count)
- Appendices (supplementary documents- excluded from word count)

Word length:
Minimum 2,000 words

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