Determine How Long It Will Take To Complete The Job.

Task 1
A motorcycle dealer specialises in selling six types of motorcycles named simply as ‘Touring’, ‘Cruiser’, ‘Standard’, ‘Supreme’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Adventure’. The shop wants you to create an Excel sales table consisting of the following entries:

You need to use data-validation to retrieve any motorcycle (and its price) as a list for the cell presented in the shaded region above. The price (£) should be retrieved from the following table using an XLOOKUP formula. The number of motorcycles (N° of units) should not exceed TWO. The Total (£) column should be calculated using the following Excel formula:

Total = No of units sold x Price

Motorcycle type

Price (£)













Demonstrate the use of Excel data validation by producing some useful screenshots. Include formulae to show your understanding of how to use the data validation facility on Excel to retrieve information for specific cases from the table above. You should show how to retrieve the price and the total (in £) for the ‘Adventure’ motorcycle.

Task 2
An airline company surveyed 100 passengers regarding their experience through the airport. They wanted to examine the level of passenger satisfaction and the time taken to get through the airport. The satisfaction level is measured using scores from 0=Not at all satisfied to 60=Very satisfied. The time through the airport was measured by providing each passenger a card once they had checked in at the airport, then returned to an agent once the passenger had reached the departure lounge, the time was measured in minutes. The following questionnaire was used, and the data was recorded in a filename “AirportN21.xlsx”.

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