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Oct 27, 2023

Case Study: Beckley Orthopedics is a private, outpatient orthopedics practice in a small city of 75,000 residents in Smith County. Beckley Orthopedics wants to increase their presence in the community and increase patient volume and revenue. As part of this plan, the practice is planning to raise money as part of Smith County Children`s Hospital annual fundraising campaign, Children`s Day. Their goal is to raise $50,000 and become a Blue-Level donor, which would allow them to have a float in the Children`s Day Parade, a booth at the Children`s Day fair, and their logo printed on various marketing materials for the event. Beckley Orthopedics is planning to put fundraising materials in their office, send marketing flyers to patients, and hold a silent auction at Beckley Elementary School`s Fall Festival.

Question: Lisa Gray, the office manager at Beckley Orthopedics, is serving as project manager. Which of these is NOT her responsibility during the initiation phase of the project?

A.Identifying project stakeholders

B.creating the project contract and charter

C. Performing a stakeholder analysis

D.Determining the overall goal(s) of the project

E.Leading the kick-off meeting

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