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May 27, 2023
Your final paper should address the following area addressed below:


Option 1: Develop a close analysis and evaluation of a specific socially engaged art project. This can be a current work or a work from the recent past (1960s to the present). You are welcome to write about a project that is discussed in class or that you discover through your own research. In either case, try to identify a project that has an ample and accessible archival record and documentation on which to base your research. If you decide to write about a current or ongoing project you should attempt to contact the artist or collective involved in producing the work for an interview (via e-mail or phone). Your analysis should provide some concrete details about the creation or production of the project you discuss. What forms of collaborative or participatory interaction were employed and what effects did they have on group members, the public or participants? And how was the project received? Did it produce any concrete or observable shifts in specific institutions, policies or societal norms? Did it generate new perceptions about contentious issues, or new forms of solidarity or political coherence? Was it integrated with a larger context of political resistance? Where possible try to link your analysis of a given project to the theoretical issues and historical contexts presented in class.


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