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May 27, 2023

Your final paper should focus on one of the areas outlined below:

Option 1: Delve into a detailed analysis and evaluation of a specific socially engaged art project. This can encompass a contemporary work or one from the recent past (1960s to the present). You have the freedom to select a project discussed in class or one you discover through independent research. In either scenario, prioritize projects with abundant and accessible archival records and documentation to support your research. If you opt for a current or ongoing project, endeavor to reach out to the artist or collective involved for potential interviews via email or phone. Your analysis should offer concrete details regarding the creation or production of the project under discussion. Explore the collaborative or participatory interactions employed and their impact on group members, the public, or participants. Assess the reception of the project. Did it catalyze tangible shifts in specific institutions, policies, or societal norms? Did it engender fresh perspectives on contentious issues or foster new forms of solidarity or political coherence? Was it woven into a broader context of political resistance? Whenever feasible, connect your analysis of the project to theoretical themes and historical contexts presented in class.

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