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Feb 17, 2024

Assignment: Project Charter

Compile/Develop a complete Project Charter utilizing components from Problem Sets #2-6 that you will have completed throughout the semester based on your selected project, as well as including a few other project charter components.

Your individual Project Charter will include:

I. Project Title - You will provide the title you best think fits the project. This should be descriptive of your project. Some project charter titles could be full sentences.

II. Background - provide a narrative explanation of the need for this project, how it came to be considered, and general overview of the project

III. Business Case - provide your working business case

IV. Stakeholder Register - Use Exhibit 6.4 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

V. Communication Matrix - Use Exhibit 6.9 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

VI. Project Scope Statement - a specific identification of what will be completed with this project. This will focus on scope requirements and narrow the business case to provide more specific scope information (combined with #7 Deliverables and Acceptance3 Criteria per Exhibit 7.12)

VII. Deliverables with Acceptance Criteria - Use Exhibit 7.4 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

VIII. WBS with Activities List - Use Exhibit 7.12 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

IX. RACI Chart - Use Exhibit 9.5 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

X. Risk Register - Use Exhibit 11.9 and Instructions/Instructor Feedback from Problem Set

Create a Glossary that defines the following concepts (or terms) as well as any and all other terms that may need to be explained or defined within the Project Charter. This is a professional document so citing is not necessary, but you must utilize your own words to define/describe the concepts or terms. This section should look like a dictionary with terms defined and alphabetized.

1. title
2. scope
3. business case
4. background
5. project vision,
6. enterprise environmental factors,
7. organizational process assets,
8. objectives,
9. stakeholder list,
10. team operating principals,
11. milestones,
12. communication plan
13. project risk planning,
14. assumptions,
15. constraints
16. organization and implementation plan.
17. Any and all terms that may need to be defined that appear in the Project Charter

Create a professional signature page for your six (6) key and internal stakeholders to sign

Overall Form & Function of Charter - This will be a graded section that will review the overall look, usability, and professionalism of the project charter as well as the inclusion of any other elements deemed necessary to be included to ensure a superior project charter. This is not a section that needs to be completed but will be a grading aspect of the overall project charter as submitted.

Make corrections to your Problem Sets as provided in grading feedback from the instructor. Do not include components of Problem Sets that are not project charter related (essays, etc.). This should be completed as the semester continues and not left until the last week of the semester. Ensure all inserted charts are legible. Covert pages with charts from portrait layout to landscape layout.


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