Develop a design aesthetic that reflects the values and ethos of your company.

This is a business report model paper.

Skills that may be covered in this business report: business analysis, easy mapping (making a coordinate map, diagrams, etc.), some knowledge of creating a new digital brand (most important!!!)

The whole article will be around 4500 to 4800 words (including references).

I will share the outline that has been laid out and provide you with two relevant slides to help you with the writing.

As this is a business report, you will need to have business related literature in addition to the general literature, you may need to visit Marketline and Statista.

The following are the detailed requirements for this paper:

You are the marketing lead for a new start-up in the sportswear leisure industry. Your target audience is young, affluent, urban professional females who are interested in health, fitness and fashion.

It is your responsibility to create a brand design that is unique to the business and targets a specific buyer persona (not to appeal to everyone).

In a business report format, you must show how you will:

1. Develop a design aesthetic that reflects the values and ethos of your company.

2. Develop a mission statement and a buyer persona to help you meet your goals,.

3. Engage with your audiences and build loyalty.

4. Develop and maintain your brand through clear brand guidelines.

It is your job to create a design that stands out from the competition and will increase audience engagement and loyalty. Your brand should be simple, re-usable, scalable, and non-cliched and cost-effective. Your report should include a mood board and any other design examples you think are relevant.

The same branding should work across all digital channels from the app, email newsletters, social media channels as well as a website design. Being everywhere and staying consistent is your branding goal.

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