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Jul 07, 2023


Develop a Python project to analyze real-world scenarios and generate valuable insights by visualizing information. The project aims to analyze data from different data sources, manipulate information and visualize it to generate insights.

You can use any open-source dataset available online for analytics. Each bullet point for every learning outcome is a milestone to be achieved.

The project should be submitted on the LMS under the Assessments section. You will need to include one ZIP file and a document, as described below.

1Project Report

  • Report describing your process, dataset, different sources, graphs and insights
  • Includes justification for the use of each learning outcome concept, for example: Why did you use list over dictionary?
  • The report should contain between 1,500 and 2,000 words
  • Please use the template provided (see Assessments section to download)
  • Submit this document under “Submit Your Written Report Here”
    2. Project ZIP File (upload to LMS)
  • Code and Data
  • Include your entire Python project along with all the code and data files and upload as part of your submission
  • The project should cover all milestones in each learning outcome to gain full marks (see below)
  • GitHub repository URL
  • Create a new repository on GitHub as [UCDPA_yourname]
  • Keep committing to the repository
  • Remember to include the URL of your repository at the beginning of your Project Report document
  • Submit this file under “Submit Your ZIP File Here”
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