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Apr 26, 2023
Using a story book or a picture book, develop a Read Aloud lesson to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the recent research practices related to the literacy development of primary grade children. The Lesson Plan should be organized around a key Language point related to Reading instruction. Oral Communication and Writing Curriculum expectations logically support the main goal of the lesson (one expectation for each). This should be developed for Ontario primary school learners.
Use the template provided for the lesson plan.
Reflect on the experience of creating this plan (2 pages). Include such thoughts as:
– the books you have chosen for reading aloud. Why did you choose these particular books? What is their significance?
– the author, or the genre, or the writing style in the books. What are the some other curricular / personal connections here?
– the Grade level you have chosen. Why this particular Grade?
– your experience of creating this lesson plan itself. Was this your first lesson plan? What did you learn from this experience? Were there enough resources available to help you with the plan? Was it easy / difficult to come up with the plan? Did you ask your friends / teachers for advice? What was your overall experience. Are you excited to implement this lesson plan in a classroom?
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