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May 24, 2023

As I reflect on the learnings from this course, a critical focus has been on analyzing the acquiring, developing, and training practices within my current work environment. Our employees are pivotal to shaping our organization`s culture and overall performance, making it imperative to leverage our human capital effectively. This project requires a detailed proposal on how to enhance employee development and motivation based on the research gathered throughout this course.

In the forthcoming 1,000-word proposal, I will explore performance indicators, rewards, incentives, and motivational strategies to optimize our workforce. This proposal will specifically address:

  • Identifying tasks and performance indicators crucial for overall employee success.
  • Implementing methods to assess employee strengths and skills for performance optimization.
  • Designing performance improvement strategies accompanied by appropriate rewards and incentives.
  • Strategically integrating competitive rewards and incentives to maintain marketplace relevance.
  • Evaluating two unique employee benefits or programs that offer distinct advantages in recruitment and retention.
  • Envisioning a robust organizational culture where employees are recognized as pivotal assets.

The proposal will be substantiated by a comprehensive review of at least five scholarly sources to reinforce the proposed strategies.

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