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May 24, 2023

Assessment Description
Throughout this course, you have analyzed your current work environment to identify the acquiring, developing, and training practices. Employees are the biggest asset and contribute to the culture and overall performance of the organization. This project requires you to determine how to leverage the human capital within your organization. Use the research you have compiled throughout this course to determine how to appropriately develop and motivate your employees.
Develop a written proposal (1,000 words), discussing performance indicators, rewards and incentives, and a plan for motivating employees. Your proposal must include the following:
Describe tasks and performance indicators that contribute to the overall employee performance on the job.
How will you identify an employee’s strengths and skills to leverage their performance?
Develop strategies to improve employee performance. How will you provide employees with rewards and incentives for performance improvement?
How will you integrate rewards and incentives to remain competitive in the marketplace?
Identify two unique benefits or programs offered by companies to retain and recruit employees. Explain how each would be of advantage over the competition.
Describe a vision for the overall culture you aspire to develop in your organization, relative to the employees being one of the most important company assets.
Cite and reference a minimum of five scholarly sources.


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