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Apr 26, 2023

Annotated Bibliography
Due Date:
Annotated Bibliography (with all 4 sources and annotation paragraphs)—Week 11

Develop an annotated bibliography that summarizes and evaluates credible outside sources relevant to your topic for Essay #3: Problem-Solution. Your goal here is not to report on each source in depth but rather to summarize the main points of each source and explain how you can use it in your essay.

Sources Required:
You are free to use more than 4 sources, but you need at least four total of the following types of sources:
one or more books or ebooks
one or more scholarly, peer-reviewed sources

You are welcome to have more than one of the above types of sources, and as long as you have at least one of each type above, you can also use these credible sources too:
credible websites (usually .edu, .gov, or credible .org)
mainstream news sources (well-known newspapers, newsmagazines, etc.)

All sources must be credible and appropriate for an academic audience, and you can include more than 4 sources if you want, as long as all are appropriate and cited correctly in MLA format.

Other Requirements:
Your annotated bibliography will consist of a series of MLA works cited entries with annotation paragraphs, arranged alphabetically (by author’s last name), each containing:

The citation (a works cited entry using MLA format, 8th or 9th edition). See the citation examples and links in Canvas, as well as online examples, such as the Purdue OWL website, EasyBib, etc.
A brief summary of each source’s main idea (thesis) and main supporting points
An explanation of how the source is relevant and useful for your essay
A description of the type of source (scholarly article, newspaper or magazine, website, etc.), the credibility of the source, and an indication of what resource you used to find this particular source (which database, search engine (i.e., Google, library database, etc.).

The grade for this annotated bibliography depends on the following criteria, and you can find the grading criteria and checklist in Canvas: 1) The quality of the sources (all must be considered credible for an academic audience); 2) The quality of your summaries and descriptions; 3) The number of sources it contains; 4) The format of your citations; 5) The description of credibility and indication of where you found it.

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